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for the lj user in need [entries|friends|calendar]
i'm addicted to you

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How many of you... [08 Feb 2005|10:15am]

[ mood | ::sigh:: ]

go to LJ (in the morning):checklistCollapse )

are you addicted?

[01 Feb 2005|08:10pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

i need help.. i joined over the weekend and i can't stop.. :/

i cry for help..


are you addicted?

I almost died! [18 Jan 2005|01:33pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

I really knew what being a 4 updater a day junky meant when it all went away : (

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But I laugh about it. [22 Dec 2004|04:32pm]

[ mood | disappointed in myself ]

Hi, I'm Cris.

I am most certainly an LJ addict.

I laugh about it, but it bothers meCollapse )

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call for submissions-addicts of the writer's brand. [23 Nov 2004|12:08am]

i'm not as addicted to lj as i used to be. that happens when you have ten mazillion things to do on a daily basis. maybe it's medication of its own fashion, but i doubt it.

anyway, this is a side thang.

i go to a state university in pennsylvania. if any of you are literary writers of a quirky brand, i encourage you to read this. i am the editor of our school's literary and arts journal on campus. anyone at all may be published. unfortunately, it seems our community is not full of willing and talented writers as much as i'd prefer. so if you find some courage and want to take a chance, try this out. it can't hurt. if you end up getting published, if you would be so kind as to give me your mailing address, i will send you a copy. that won't be necessary until probably march or april of 2005 though, just in case you think i'm psycho offhand! if you have any other questions, post. here are the details. thanks!!

details on submissions.

Submissions Tobeco accepts may be:
fiction (short stories no more than 8-10 pages double spaced)
world languages (original work with English translation)
original song lyrics
photography (preferably black and white, but some with colour will be considered)
black and white art

All written works should be saved as Microsoft Word documents. The file names should match the title of the piece. Submit all digital photography using Adobe or other generic imaging programs. Manual photography is also accepted.

Submissions should be on an IBM formatted disk with your:

mailing address
phone number
email address

The disks may be sent to:

Dr. Juanita Smart
210C Davis Hall
Clarion University
Clarion, PA 16214

If you choose to submit your pieces by email, please send them to tobecosubmissions@yahoo.com.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 28, 2004.

Submissions are reviewed by the editing staff once the deadline rolls around. The editing staff is made up of whoever (at all!) would like to be on it. There are no requirements for staff members beforehand, only that you read as many submissions as possible, then judge/give input for what should and should not be published. At the time of judging, no submissions have the author's name, therefore whether a piece gets published or not is entirely dependent on the liking of the editing staff and their combined votes (which would be yes, no, maybe, yes-maybe, no-maybe). This is just a brief sketch of what happens come editing time. If you are interested in being a staff member, please contact us.

If there are any other questions you may have, please direct them to one of the above mentioned email address.
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Well, this feels better. [22 Nov 2004|07:30pm]

Finally! A place where I belong! ;)

No.. seriously. Awesome community. I just figured I was alone in my addiction!

Okay, so, I got a LiveJournal sophomore year. It started out as a fun little tidbit in my life. I only had two friends on my list, and maybe once or twice a week when I was bored I would check my friends list, and I'd post every once in a while. You know, no big deal. Just a fun little website. The following year is when my friends list started to grow, along with the obsession. Soon, everyone in my clique of friends had an LJ, and it became this sickening fascination among all of us to divulge in. I was introduced to icons and communities, and the addiction started there. I was in love. Such a great escape from the real world.

Before I knew it, the refresh button was my best friend. It became a comfort for me to come home from out with friends/work/school and see what everyone posted about. And the comments! The comments! Agh! So addicting!

I would always jokingly say "I'm addicted to LJ." and "It's a drug." The sad thing is, it really is a drug. The most safe one I suppose, but it is honestly taking away from my life. I'm not even joking. Posts have started to replace conversations, comments have replaced confrontation, praise, and displays of excitement, smileys have replaced emotions. (Dramatic, I know, but it's true.) I can't write a paper on the computer because LJ gets in the way. I have to go on it at least once a day or I'll go crazy. It used to be funny to joke about, this 'addiction', but now I'm realizing how serious it is. It's horrible. My family walks straight to the computer when they need to talk to me because they know I'll be there.

I knew I was obsessed when I'd be out somewhere having fun and suddenly an entry title would pop into my head. Now, you know you've hit rock bottom when that happens. Freakin' entry titles. And I'm at the point where I write LJ entries when I'm actually at the event. How sad is that?

So, I've tried to quit cold turkey a few times and that never works. Damn you, LiveJournal!

Oh! And you want to hear something really pathetic, yet funny? About a month ago I was at a party, completely trashed from one too many Bacardi shots. Anyway, my party buddy that I was with told me the next morning that I kept saying 'Where is the computer? I need to post...' etc etc. LOL. Yup, leave it to me to be completely out of my mind but still have the need to use LJ.

Well, step one is in effect. Admitting to having a problem. There is no more denial, my friends. ;) Anyone have a cure? Getting a life, maybe? ;) ..The thing is though, I really do have a life. This is just my.. second life. :/
are you addicted?

New Community... [18 Sep 2004|07:01pm]


It is new and they desperately need new members. Check my info page for all the awards I've won.
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wooo! [29 Aug 2004|11:41pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Hi, I'm Rissie and I'm a LJ addict. It started about a year ago when my ex pressured me into blogging for the first time, I thought, oh well, it couldn't hurt. Little did I know that as the months past I couldn't get enough of it. Everytime I got onto my computer I had to check my LJ and I had to check my friends list. I started doing it obsessivly, not only once or twice a day, but in the dozens. Soon, I joined a few communities...now I check my LJ almost dozens of times per hour. What's worse is that I post much more often then I used too. My freinds get worried becauase everytime I'm away from a computer I get nervous and start shaking. I have an extreme symptom of LJ which causes paranoia of missing something and or not commenting. I've tried everything from using the phone to writing in a paper journal, but nothing can keep me from my LJ...so I found myself here...thank you.

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she's a dancing queen... [10 Aug 2004|06:13pm]

[ mood | hungry ]


my name is megan...and i have a problem.

that's the first step: admitting that yes, i have a problem. i am addicted to livejournal.com. unlike some of my friends, i am not a posting whore. but i do check my own journal for comments and my friends page for updates. i do this obsessively. especially when i am on the desk at work with nothing else to do.

when i go away, i find myself suffering from hardcore livejournal withdrawal. i write entries in a notebook until i can get back to my computer and type them up. i take photos "for the livejournal" for "my fans." it's becoming almost ridiculous. i suffer greatly when the server goes down. it is like a part of my self is broken.

i have had my livejournal for a little over three years. i can honestly say that it is my best friend. not only that, but i have made some best friends from having a livejournal.

it's a drug.

this is bad.

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quit crawling through my veins. [10 Aug 2004|06:06pm]


I'm Jen & admitted probably a year ago, at least, that I have an extreme addiction to Livejournal and my probably other half a dozen online journals. I try to spread out where I post, so it's not so damn often and such.
I even created a secret Livejournal account for myself that no one knows, just so I can rant my daily necessary (ehh) rants and so my friends don't get annoyed at their friends page being junked up by me. I understand-I am the same way-as in I'm sure if I had a friend who posted as much as I do, I'd get a little irritated.

I have seriously been trying to cut down on my daily posts by limiting the kinds of posts I'll make, like:
a. big news
b. poems
c. saucy conversations
d. pictures

but still, my obsession thrives on. I know I need help. when I'm away from a computer for a while I get withdrawal and itch to check my email for comments or juicy posts by chums. I seriously have issues & several people have pointed it out to me. I can't blame them, they're basically correct.

so. I like to tell myself admitting that you have the problem...is a start to a solution. I guess I'll take what I get.

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Hi I'm Vinny [24 Jun 2004|01:39am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hello I am Vinny.

I've been a member of LiveJournal only since March of this year, 2004. But since then, I've made a few hundred posts, ranted and commented on tons of journals. I'm even trying to go all month (June) making at least one post every day - and I am doing it!

I find myself checking my LJ everytime I log online, and I check my friends list too. I am addicted to reading other people's journals, commenting, and then venting out my own problems on them...

I need help.

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Hola to my fellow LJ addicts. [23 Jun 2004|10:04pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

I'm Amy, and I have a problem.

I am addicted to livejournal.

I always feel the need to run back and forth from other rooms to my computer just to make sure I haven't missed anything. It takes me forever to go to sleep at night because I'll get in and out of bed several times to surf random livejournals or update or do something dumb like that. I feel like death when lj is down or going slow; I. Am. Obsessed.

I need help, which is why I've started up this community for people like myself.

Admit your problems! <3

1 addict| are you addicted?

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